Construction Tape in New Orleans, LA

Packaging Supply Group has a construction tape supply that can meet all of the tape needs for the industrial and construction needs of New Orleans, LA. Most construction tape is used for the purpose of industrial and construction projects.

Packaging Tapes

We offer a variety of supplies for your warehousing, packaging and shipping needs. We offer different tapes for varying shipping needs, including:

  • Carton sealing tape. Choose from acrylic, natural rubber, or hot melt rubber to seal boxes.
  • Filament tape. Use this glass-reinforced tape to bundle items for shipping.
  • Poly strapping tape. This tape is reinforced with Polypropylene and can be used to strap down cargo.
  • Flat back tape. Use this paper tape to package or label items for shipping. Flat back should be favored over masking tape when you need industrial strength.
  • Masking tape. Available in a variety of colors, use this paper tape for lighter packaging needs that don’t require flat back tape.

Project Tapes

In addition to packaging supplies, we offer a number of supplies to suit your construction and home-project needs:

  • Duct tape. Because this tape is acrylic, it is heat-resistant and can be used for most of your repair and patchwork needs.
  • Stucco tape. This tape is mainly used for installing stucco, and its weather resistance means you can even use it for your building’s exterior insulation.
  • House wrap tape. This high-density tape reduces air infiltration when used on the walls of construction projects.
  • Double coated tape. This refers to any tape that has adhesive on both sides, and it is used to bond two materials together.
  • Silicone tape. Also known as electrical tape, this tape is water-resistant.
  • Foil tape. Use this rubber tape to wrap thermal installation in construction projects.

Learn More

Not only do we carry the best brands for all of these tapes, but we also specialize in custom-printed tapes for your shipping and security needs. Call us at 1 (845) 721-4524 to discuss our customization options and to determine which product best suits your needs. We can also help you choose an appropriate hurricane tape for your Louisiana home or business.